About me

I am an LSE Fellow in Mathematics at London School of Economics. I am interested in Algorithms, Game Theory, and Mechanism Design.

Prior to joining LSE I was a postdoc with Tim Roughgarden at Stanford University and Éva Tardos at Cornell University. I received my PhD in Computer Science from EPFL. My PhD advisors were Monika Henzinger and Boi Faltings. During my PhD I did summer internships with David C. Parkes at Harvard University and Radu Jurca at Google Switzerland. I received my German Diplom in Computer Science “with distinction” from Universität Karlsruhe (TH). As an undergrad I enjoyed the philosophy seminars of Peter Sloterdijk at HfG Karlsruhe.

I will serve as a PC member for the 16th Conference on Economics and Computation (EC’15) and the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI’15). I recently served as a PC member for the 15th Conference on Economics and Computation (EC’14), the 10th Ad Auctions Workshop (AdAuctions’14), and the 13th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS’14).

This term I am teaching MA300.1/301/402 Game Theory 1 (together with Bernhard von Stengel) and I am organizing the Seminar on Discrete Mathematics and Game Theory.

Some recent papers
P. Dütting, V. Gkatzelis, T. Roughgarden, The Performance of Deferred-Acceptance Auctions, EC’14
P. Dütting, T. Roughgarden, I. Talgam-Cohen, Modularity and Greed in Double Auctions, EC’14
P. Dütting, T. Kesselheim, E. Tardos, Mechanisms with Unique Learnable Equilibria, EC’14
P. Dütting, F. Fischer, D. C. Parkes, Expressiveness and Robustness of First-Price Position Auctions, EC’14

Some older papers
P. Dütting, F. Fischer, P. Jirapinyo, J. K. Lai, B. Lubin, D. C. Parkes, Payment Rules through Discriminant-Based Classifiers, EC’12 (Best Paper Award)
P. Dütting, F. Fischer, D. C. Parkes, Simplicity-Expressiveness Tradeoffs in Mechanism Design, EC’11
P. Dütting, M. Henzinger, I. Weber, An Expressive Mechanism for Auctions on the Web, WWW’11